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In 2015, Denka Metal has started its operations in its new facilities with an area of total 10,000 sqm (5,000 of which is indoors) in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone as one of the last manifestation of industrial and investor tradition in Kayseri since 1936. Denka Metal has made its name in a short period of time with innovative and authentic products under its own brand in the industry. Denka metal offers the optimum solutions to its customers with its state-of-the-art machinery park and team of professionals. We produce all kinds of sheet metal and pipes, do profile cutting, bending, welding, painting, steel construction, construction projects, machinery projects and metal parts.... To put simply, we provide both projects and production services in every subject related to metal business. Converting metal business into an art, Denka metal constantly invests in innovation, technology and tomorrow. For better tomorrows. Denka Metal
Sanmover® Industrial Technology Company offers high quality products with International Standards and Specifications. We belive in the importance of establishing lasting partnerships with our customers all over the world through our high technology products and quality product service. We support our customer relationship with honesty, respect and friendliness. As a suplier company, Sanmover® successfully services in Food, Packaging ,Automotive, Logistic and Archive sectors.
Our company is Turkish firm which is established in 2011. It’s been active across Turkey with aim of being an innovator and leader firm with the honest and credible trade policy and high technology and professional staff it is still going on its business actives.
Reta Racking is the leader of the racking systems market with its experience in metal industry since 1979. Since our foundation Reta has given service with its experienced engineering team in the field of project designing, production of structure , assembly and racking inspection. Reta became most preffered brand with the most reasonable price and the highest quality products which consists of pallet racking systems , medium and light duty racking systems , cantilever racks , mezzanine floors and automated retrieval systems. Reta Racking team works hard and efficiently to find the best solution for customers warehousing issues all over the world. Our company implements the rules of F.E.M. for design and production. Company has been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate. You may see our brand all over the world; the countries we most export our products are Greece, Norway, Lithuania,Moldova, England, France , Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Alger , North America .
In our factory, which we have established in the 1990s, by developing our shelf sector activities and simultaneously realizing the deficiencies and mistakes in the sector; We are proud to present our best product with minimum cost to our customers by supporting our sub-structure with developing and renewed technology with our customer satisfaction oriented works that we have structured by adopting the principle of total quality management philosophy. With our knowledge, experience and experience in our factory with 5000 m2 capacity, we produce grocery and store racks, deutering shelf systems, all kinds of special display booths and wholesale and retail sales with alternative cost and usage angle product production in our product range.
SANCELIK MARKET, which is a part of the Temesist Group of Companies was established in 2010 and became one of the leader supplier of industrial products such as Metal Lockers, Filing Cabinets, Light-duty shelves, supermarket and Hypermarket shelves, etc. The company provides high quality products for standard design and for special design. It exports products to more than 20 countries and has been attending the worldwide known exhibitions for years and has become an international representative of Turkey. The company’s working principle is based on the customer satisfaction and reliance. SANCELIK MARKET is continuously involved in research and development projects. R&D team works closely with product managers and engineers at our manufacturing plant in Turkey, carrying out detailed studies on ways to improve our current systems to benefit our end customers.
AKKITA was established in 2013 in Bursa City / Turkiye. The ‘AK’ part in its name stands for ‘WHITE’ and ‘KITA’ for ‘CONTINENT’. At the beginning, the main motivation of the company was to establish long-lasting business relationships with African companies to develop relations with Turkish and African countries. With 10 years of shopfitting experience of the founder, Mr. Ugur KOSEOGLU, the business started to design and then provide with all equipments for retail spaces such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, DIY stores and boutique with different fixtures.